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'Hey Rashida, thanks for helping Trump #KAG'! Lefties flip OUT on Rashida Tlaib for her gross tweet using Anita Hill to trash Biden

Democrats have become their own worst enemies.

Wait, that’s not entirely true here.

Socialists have become Democrats worst enemies. They thought they could welcome socialists into their little party … they thought wrong. Rashida Tlaib has switched gears from talking about Trump and ‘impeaching the mother f**ker’ to going after Joe Biden. Gotta love Bernie supporters.


If Rashida wants to divide the Democratic Party during an election year, who are we to stop her?



Don’t tell them just yet.

All Rashida knows how to do is weaponize. That’s her entire MO.



This thread totally represents the current state of the Democratic Party.

They’re eating one another.


Too late.


Trump should send Rashida a thank you card.

Maybe two.



‘He’s dead, Jim … DEAD!’ Michael Ian Black is feelin’ the BERN (and trending) after admitting he ‘prefers Biden’ and OUCH-LOL

DUDE. When you’ve lost MSNBC! Ted Cruz sums up Chris Hayes ‘mea culpa’ over his spin on Schumer’s threat and it’s PERFECT

‘Look at this BS’! Brit Hume RIPS Schumer aide Justin Goodman for claiming right-wing ‘misinterpreted’ Schumer’s comments

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