As Twitchy readers know, Chris Hayes TOTALLY Chris Hayes’d and put his own spin on Chuck Schumer’s threats against Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch.

In fact, he blamed Kavanaugh at first. You know, because it was clearly Kavanaugh’s fault Chuck threatened him.


This was a bad take.

Even for MSNBC.

Seems the Rachel Maddow lookalike has had a change of heart, however …

Of course, his other tweets blaming Kavanaugh are still up BUT color us surprised he actually tweeted something like this.

Ted Cruz summed it up perfectly.





Our feet do feel a teensy bit colder than usual.

Those homophobic time-traveling hackers? Nope, they’ve never been caught.


Hey, man, that he admitted that what Chuckles the Clown did was WRONG at all is YUGE.

Wow indeed.



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