‘Oh good, Ben Rhodes took time out of his busy schedule to pop on Twitter and lecture everyone about what really matters in this election,’ said literally no one, ever.

C’mon, Democrats, even you guys have to find this guy to be incredibly annoying.

‘Let’s not forget’ …

Blah blah blah.

One thing we’ve noticed on both sides of the aisle is that Americans don’t like to be lectured about who will get their vote.

Biden probably still thinks it’s Super Thursday.

Democrats are disappointed in their party and we don’t blame them at all. The DNC establishment has completely forgotten they work FOR the people.

Bernie supporters seem pissed off, Ben.

Just sayin’.

Yup. They’re not happy.

Whoa, we agree.

Me-ow is right.

Gosh, Ben, seems people didn’t like your ‘reminder’ about what is important for this election.

Well, he is a creative writer after all.



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