We get that part of Justin Goodman’s job as an ‘aide’ to Chuck Schumer is to put out fires his boss sets (and dumps gas on), but claiming the right-wing misinterpreted Chuckles’ very obvious threat against SCOTUS Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch really only made things worse for his boss.

This is what you call a, ‘What the Hell was he thinking,’ moment.

Even Brit Hume called bulls**t on the statement.

Brit also said ‘bunk,’ so you KNOW it was bad.

Sorry, Justin. Schumer said it. He threatened two SCOTUS justices.

The ‘right-wing’ didn’t misinterpret anything.

There is no pouncing here.

It’s all on Chuck.

Can you guys IMAGINE the fit the Left would throw if Senator Cruz outright threatened Sotomayor? Buildings would be on FIRE and they’d be calling for him to resign.

And of course, they’d blame Trump.


He really is.




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