Michael Ian Black was trending this morning … and not in a good way.

We almost felt sorry for him.


Started here.

Been a while since we’ve written about the NFL player people forget was an actual NFL player. Maybe it’s because he blocked this editor a couple of years ago when she offered to send him ‘Civics for Dummies’ as a gift. Ahem. Anyway, it would appear he prefers Biden over Bernie and this didn’t fly well with the Bernie Bros.



Isn’t he the guy who did those VH1 specials about various decades?

Oh, yeah. That’s right.


Even with his cute little hashtag, people don’t remember him.


Great response, Michael. Really.

*eye roll*

Awww, Michael is totally the victim here you guys. HE WANTED WARREN dammit.


Seeing a lot of this, people complaining that he’s rich. Think he and his other pals realize they created a monster they can’t control? A monster that could well destroy them now? We make that Frankenstein joke a lot but man, it just fits so perfectly with what we’re seeing on the Left right now. They played with the cute little socialists to pretend they care, and now those cute little socialists want to do what cute little socialists do, and take over.


We agree, but not because of Bernie Sanders.

You know, it’s the thing.


Have fun with that, bro.




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