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*MEEP* Iowahawk asks Tweeps what their most embarrassing browser tab they have open is and the thread is comedy GOLD

Earlier today a very well-known political pundit posted a screenshot of election betting odds and one of his (or her) tabs just HAPPENED to have something a teensy bit embarrassing on it. As this is a pundit we often write about and respect we will NOT be making fun of him (or her, it could be a her) for the tab, BUT we would be remiss if we did not cover Iowahawk’s hilarious thread asking others about the most embarrassing tab they may have open RIGHT NOW.


This editor is super boring because all of her tabs are work-related. Hrm, maybe the Twitter tab because after all, that site is hot garbage.


Whatever floats your boat, man.



Alrighty then.

Dude. Ewwww.

Crazy stuff.

Pea recipes?


THAT’S the worst!


We see what he did there.

This editor LOVES the XLF.

No shame!

K …

And to think, Twitter is still free.



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