Nothing says elitist like Mike Bloomberg telling the little people they don’t need guns to defend themselves while he hides behind his massive armed security. And ok, so we knew he was short but looking at this video we almost wonder if they did some sort of ‘Lord of the Rings’ filming to make him look even shorter … you know, like a hobbit?


And if anyone knows how much Bloomberg sucks when it comes to gun control, it’s Dana.

Classism, that’s a perfect word for Democrats, especially the ones who want to take away our Second Amendment rights.

Dana continued:

We’ve spent years listening to Democrats lecture women about ‘voting against their own best interests’ because they’re pro-life. Ironic these same people are the ones truly voting against their actual rights, right?

Dude has wasted SO much money. And for what? Has he won any delegates yet?

Ahem … Shannon Watts.

And that’s a Democrat’s bread and butter … fear.



Actually, depressing. Thanks for that.

Nailed it.

Like she always does.



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