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FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! John Cusack's absolute MELTDOWN over the DNC trying to stop Bernie Sanders looks SUPER bad for Democrats

Gosh, we’re seeing a rather large divide open up in the Democrat Party right now which is NOT a good thing during such an important election year.

Well, not a good thing for THEM.


It’s like the DNC thinks people forgot what they did to Bernie Sanders in 2016 because it was ‘Hillary’s turn’.

Seems John Cusack hasn’t forgotten.

They are coming for YOU.

So eloquent.

So unhinged.


A revolution.

Alrighty then.


That’s right, John. Keep saying stupid stuff, it absolutely doesn’t hurt your efforts at all.



Hey, we love that movie.

And Hot Tub Time Machine was also a lot of fun.

Too bad the dude’s a socialist harpy (yes, men can be harpies too).



DNC feeling the BERN? Even Brit Hume calls out The Des Moines Register for suddenly deciding NOT to release historic #IowaPoll

‘The [Senate] body will DIE’: Adam Schiff didn’t do himself ANY favors trying to shame the Senate over calling witnesses (watch)

OMG we’re all gonna DIE! Move over #RIPGOP, the Left’s meltdown has escalated to DEFCON 5 on #RIPAmerica

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