You’d think by now Adam Schiff would have figured out being a melodramatic toolbag on the floor of the Senate wasn’t winning anyone over but nope. We suppose it’s hard on the bug-eyed Barney Fyfe-looking ‘legislator’ to watch this whole thing fall apart after he’s spent so many months concocting and controlling it.

If he thinks shaming the Senate will somehow convince them to let him have his way, he’s wrong.

Not a great look, Adam.




But the Constitution! Adams! Eleventy!

It’s really such a joke to listen to him prattle on about these things knowing he has no choice since he has no real case.

Schiff keeps leaving out that they had plenty of witnesses in the House.

He also leaves out the fact that he wouldn’t allow Republicans to call any witnesses.

And notice Darcy and others in the media aren’t exactly correcting him.

On one hand, we are so ready for this whole mess to be done, and on the other, we’ll sort of miss making fun of ol’ Schiff for Brains.

Then again, he’ll probably do something stupid again sooner than later so there’s that.



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