Think it’s safe to say the Left has lost it. Officially.

Folks, we spend quite a bit of time writing about a Lefty here or there losing their sh*t on Twitter but WHOA NELLY, today has been an impressive implosion of the entire movement. And when we say impressive we mean hilarious and absolutely entertaining. As we reported earlier, our delicate friends on the Left had #RIPGOP trending, but they’ve upped their mania and now #RIPAmerica is trending.

Look at this mess:

They don’t even know why they think Republican Senators have committed treason, they just do.

That’s NOT what Dershowitz said.


He’s on a roll …


Ok, so we said they were melodramatic BEFORE? They’ve seriously upped their game.

Enter the Bernie supporters.


Rotting from the INSIDE.

Won’t someone please think of the CHILDREN!?

This is just sad.

Wait, no … it’s hilarious.

Especially reading tweets from people like Nick Searcy on the trend:

They have seriously gone off the deep end.

What’s gonna happen when Trump wins again in November?

You get NOTHING!

That gif works perfectly for this entire impeachment sham.

Ya’ know, it sorta is.



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