Hey, good news folks. The Left is handling the notion that the Senate will not be calling witnesses and may go ahead and vote today because you know, they’re adults and understand that the House really didn’t bring anything impeachable to them for consideration in the first place really well.



These people have lost their damn minds. Yeah yeah, we know that’s how they usually are but today they are exceptionally unhinged and trending #RIPGOP.

All they had to do was not be insane …

Now that’s an impressive meltdown.

And nah, Republicans are far too busy pointing and laughing.

Gosh, Lefties seem upset.

Putin? We thought this was about Ukraine?

They’re so mad and they don’t even really understand why.

Simple little things, they never learn. Do they really think the GOP is worried about a bunch of people hating them who have been hating them for years and years?

Not so much.

Yeah, we giggled.

The vote hasn’t even taken place on the witnesses, let alone the actual case, and they’ve already lost their freakin’ minds. We can’t even imagine how insane this is going to get moving forward …

Eating our Wheaties.



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