You guys remember Wajahat Ali, right? The CNN contributor who went on Don Lemon’s show with Rick Wilson and mocked Trump supporters insinuating they were too dumb to know basically anything. Ok, so maybe you don’t remember him since he was all but forgotten in the aftermath (‘that guy no one knows’) but still …

Wajahat seems to be upset that an ‘increasingly extremist minority’ refuses to play by the rules.

Whatever the Hell that means.

Oh, and he can’t spell pedestal either.

Wajahat, if you’re going to call LOTS of other people dumb make sure you avoid basic spelling errors.

Just sayin’.

Hurr durr.

And to think, some people don’t believe in karma.

Wajahat would first have to have a sense of humor.

So long.


We see what he did there.

If there was ever a group in desperate need of a mirror … yup.


Sadly, these days, many of them really are.



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