It’s never a good thing when any ‘legal analyst’ from CNN tries to summarize something on Twitter, but it’s especially bad when they’re trying to find a way to push the anti-Trump narrative that we have seen CNN spin for years now. We’re not entirely sure if Elie Honig was deliberately trying to mislead people with his summary but if not, the guy hasn’t been paying attention.

Like, at all.

Take a look.



Let’s summarize:

This Elie dude is full of it. (Elie)

Sean Davis said it far better … of course.

We’re SHOCKED! SHOCKED we tell you!

Oh, wait.

He works for CNN.

He can’t help it.


We see what they did here.

Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup.

In other words, Democrats really are their own worst enemy.

And THERE it is.

Well gosh, now it all makes sense.




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