Jerry Nadler was overheard on the metro bragging on the phone about how he should be the one leading the impeachment against Trump … the day after Trump took office.

Three years ago.

Keep that in mind as you watch this clip:

Facts are facts?

What facts?

We didn’t see Jerry or anyone else present any facts to the Senate.

And seriously, he wants to bring the president to heel? What the Hell sort of language is that?

All we can do at this point is shake our heads. He had to know he was convincing no one with this melodramatic preening which once again proves it’s just a political stunt for sound bites.

It absolutely is. The president does not serve at the will of Congress and they have no business bringing him ‘to heel’.

Jerry has been an elected official for so long he’s forgotten that he’s really a public servant. If anyone ever made a case for term limits its this little angry gnome who’s desperately in need of some pants that fit him.

Most Americans are.

Which is not great for Democrats in general.

They don’t call it a circus for nothin’.



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