Leave it to Rep. Doug Collins to put together a thread that cuts through all of the emotional BS from the House Managers and gets down to the facts and points the Senate really should be keeping in mind.

He also asked several questions we’re going to guess they really don’t want to answer.

Their own record contradicts their witnesses in some cases BUT when you’re so busy pushing a partisan hit job and pretending it’s an impeachment we suppose you lose sight of such things.


Because he’s a lying liar and that’s what liars do?

Just spitballin’.


They know they didn’t make a case to remove him and they’re trying to put the blame on Senate Republicans for political reasons. Basically, when Trump is still president (and likely reelected in November) they can pretend they did everything they could but evil Republicans stopped them because they’re too biased to remove their KING.

The only bipartisan vote in the House in this whole process was AGAINST impeachment.

Everything else has been partisan.

Never forget that.



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