Seems our good friends at Mediaite might need to brush up on having a sense of humor because it appears they missed that Greg Gutfeld claiming Trump is so effective he will cure the Coronavirus was in fact a joke. Perhaps they’re unfamiliar with Greg’s schtick? Or maybe they’re just humorless scolds looking for any opportunity to try and paint people in the conservative media as nutballs.

Take a look.


From Mediaite:

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld opined on The Five, Wednesday, that impeachment is making President Donald Trump so “effective” and driven he’ll “probably cure the Coronavirus and make China pay for it.”

“As Donald Trump signs yet another trade deal and reveals a Middle East peace plan amid an economic boom, it raises the key question: how can a president do so many effective things and still face a hateful opposition?” asked Gutfeld during his opening monologue. “If you ask people to grade his work based on their lives, they’ll tell you things are great because the results are obvious. More jobs, higher wages, peace, prosperity. But if you ask them about impeachment or about the president in general, the responses will vary, so why is that?”

They thought he was serious.

As we said up there … HOOboy.

Greg was none too thrilled with the piece:

But tell us how you REALLY feel, Greg.


Tough break, guys.

He really does have pretty great hair.


Awww, well that explains it.


That never gets old.

‘Nuff said.



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