Tom Nichols just couldn’t let Rick Wilson have all of the #NeverTrump DBAG cred today so he took his turn at crapping all over millions of Americans who happen to think differently politically from him.

Because nothing draws people into your movement like being a complete snob to and about them.

Remember when people actually took this guy seriously? Sad.

The fact Trump defended his supporters makes Tom and the NT squad very cranky.

He is as clueless about Trump’s base as Rick is, that or he’s trolling for attention.

Maybe both.

Oh, good, he’s talking down to Democrats who want to vote for Warren or Sanders.

Do as he tells you, Democrats.



Because Trump is totally the only one flinging poo.

They really don’t want Sanders.

Vote for BIDEN … do what the GOP hack tells you to.


He just sucks.

Sorry, not sorry.

We especially like how Tom is lecturing Democrats about who they should support. Because that’s gone over so well with Republicans …

Tom, Rick, and others in their crew desperately need people to believe those folks who refused to vote for Trump in 2016 but will vote for him in 2020 don’t matter.

They’re wrong.

Don’t worry, they will. Their egos DEMAND it.



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