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Major OOPSIE: House Managers' argument about timing on Trump's interest in Biden contradicts whistleblower's claims

Wednesday was by far one of the worst (if not THE worst) days of the Impeachment trial for Democrats, and especially House Managers who made it all too clear they have no real case against Trump and they never have. Beyond their silly emotional preening about EVIL president this, what about the Constitution that, their actual facts don’t even line up.


And in some instances even completely contradict the whistleblower’s claims:


So was the whistleblower lying?

Or are the House Managers just full of it?

Probably both.

But if he wasn’t looking into Biden to help Trump gosh, that means no case!

An inconvenient fact.

Doesn’t sound like they do.


They NEVER thought she’d lose.

When people tell the truth it doesn’t take effort to remember the details.

So, we’re done now, right? VOTE SENATE!



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