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'PURE demagoguery': Mark Levin's fact-filled thread taking Bolton's story APART (and mocking Democrats) is a must read

They don’t call Mark Levin ‘The Great One’ for nothin’.

With all of the rhetoric we’re seeing today in social media and in traditional media about the John Bolton story, it’s good to see Levin pushing back with actual facts.


Like this …

Good point.

House Democrats weren’t able to prove anything about quid pro quo and this conveniently timed book doesn’t change that fact. It’s like they have a crime in search of evidence at this point.

This is one Hell of a marketing strategy.


That. ^

And that again. ^

He’s trending all over the place on the day his book is available for presale.


But wait, there’s more.

They totally LOVE John now.

He’s a patriot and stuff.



In other words, Bolton is trying to sell a book and Democrats are trying to cheat Americans out of an election.

‘Nuff said.



So VERY desperate: Jim Acosta pulls a bunch of nameless sources out of his backside to make Bolton’s story a big deal

Wait, WTF?! Alexander Vindman’s brother in charge of reviewing all NSC publications INCLUDING leaked John Bolton manuscript

BRUTAL: Byron York’s 2-word reaction to pic of Hunter Biden and his 6-figure ride perfectly sums up who Joe’s son REALLY is

Brit Hume DROPS the NYT and their convenient timing on the ‘breaking news’ around John Bolton’s unpublished manuscript

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