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Now WHY would he do that? Gun-grabber who claimed he received death threat under his windshield deletes entire thread; UPDATED


Welp, it sounds like our buddy Sakran is claiming the police *asked him* to delete the thread about the death threat under his windshield.


Except is also sounds like Sakran didn’t file any police report nor did Fairfax PD ask him to do any such thing.


To her point, this is a moving, changing story so we will update as things continue to develop.

As Twitchy readers know, Joseph Sakran wrote a fairly lengthy thread about receiving a death thread under the windshield of his car. Sakran even shared photos of the alleged death threat sitting under his windshield wiper … which may have ultimately been why he ended up deleting the entire thread.

Upon closer inspection of the photo it looked like the photo had been taken in someone’s personal garage as opposed to a work/parking garage.


Now it’s entirely possible the threat was real but that he deleted the thread after it received quite a bit of attention is a bit suspect. Just sayin’.

The editor of the original piece can confirm the tweets from his thread are indeed gone. We asked Sakran why he deleted the thread in an effort to give him the benefit of the doubt (hey, things happen, the tweets could have been wiped by accident, reported and removed, etc.), but at this point he has not responded.

Another gun-grabber hoax?


We’ll keep an eye out to see if Sakran explains why he deleted the thread …



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