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DA-YUM! We didn't think it was possible but Ben Shapiro just made Democrats look even WORSE over Soleimani (Obama hardest hit)

Ben Shapiro wanted to get a couple of things straight when it comes to Democrats, Soleimani, and Iran. If his goal was to make them look even worse, he succeeded.


Giving bad guys lots of money and the freedom to do bad things was ok since Obama did it.

Killing bad guys who kill thousands of innocent people including American troops is bad since Trump did it.

Yup, sounds about right for the Democrats.

Pathetic, yes?

Now that’s an oxymoron if we ever saw one.

Fair point, except no matter how hard they try and spin it, Trump did something not only within his power, but something good and even justified.

You know this makes them nuts.


Or that he hated abortion.


But it’s ok with Democrats because Obama did it.




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