Rep. Elise Stefanik took no prisoners when she tweeted about the death of Soleimani and the direction America is taking with Trump behind the proverbial wheel.

We couldn’t help but notice she also dragged and dropped Obama and his entire do-nothing but bow to and bribe Iran administration as well:

Peace through STRENGTH, Obama.

That’s how it’s done.


Sadly, cue the screeching. Always the screeching:


Obama really made a lot of people … dumb.

Sorry, not sorry.

Is it just our imagination or are these people literally defending a terrorist?

Because we’re no experts but it sure looks that way to us.

They hate Trump so much.


Plenty of people ‘hated’ Obama, but you didn’t see them rooting against the country because of it.

Right? Instead we should just let the guy killing thousands of innocent people keep doing it because that means peace or something.

Anyone else feel a little bit like they’re taking crazy pills?


That poor terrorist … *eye roll*

We. Can’t. Even.



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