As Twitchy reported, Rose McGowan wrote a stupid tweet apologizing to Iran for America and begging them not to kill us, and then when she figured out her tweet was beyond stupid she tried to backpedal and claim she was just freaked out about going to war.

Neither tweet worked out well for her.

Interestingly enough, when she wrote, ‘Dear Iran’ in her first tweet it started a trend on Twitter filled with all sorts of insane and paranoid (and anti-American morons), which seems to have inspired another trend, ‘Dear Rose.’

Thinking Rose really needs to read these tweets from both Americans AND Iranians.

As much as he dislikes Trump, he did the right thing.

Hey, Lefties siding with an evil terrorist who killed thousands of innocent people (including American troops), this is how you do it. If you can’t accept this was a good thing because you hate Trump THAT much you might have a problem.

Plenty of people are offering to pay for her plane ticket if she really wants out.

Yeah, the outfit she’s wearing in her Twitter avi would not go over well in ‘poor Iran’.

Maybe take a hint from the people who had to live with the basta*d.

Just sayin’.

Oh yeah, forgot about the whole chanting, ‘Death to America’ thing.

That tweet was not smart, Rose.


There ya’ go.

If she was going for most unpopular Twitter account of 2020 so far, she succeeded. Wow.



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