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'Trump sent marines. Obama went to bed.' Ted Cruz and other Conservatives DROP Joy Reid after she 'roots for' Trump's Benghazi

Joy Reid wasn’t the only rage-harpy trying to pretend Trump would somehow do as bad a job in Baghdad as Obama did in Benghazi (which is a really gross and awful thing to seemingly be rooting for) …


But she was the only one we saw Senator Ted Cruz DROP.

But orange man bad … something something.

Seriously, we saw SOOOOOO many douche-nozzles on the Left all but praying for disaster in Baghdad just so they could dunk on Trump. It was, well, gross. And it proved they know what Obama and Hillary did in Benghazi was a travesty. A horrific, corrupt, shameful, evil travesty.

That they’d wish on our Marines so they can thumb their silly little noses at Trump.

This is who they are, folks.

We’re shocked this is still up.

Squidpickle. THAT’S a new one.



As we said, we’re shocked she left this up.

Unless it was those evil time-traveling hackers again …



‘OMG this guy!’ Patriotic Vision CEO Mohamad Safa may well be the biggest tweet thief EVER on Twitter (check this thread!)

‘Sorry, I’ll start a hashtag’: Lefties call Sean Spicier ‘an insensitive human being’ for his tweets AND we’re officially dead now, thx

Who they REALLY are –> Mindy Robinson tweets screenshots showing how the ‘loving, tolerant Left’ treats her and just WOW

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