C’mon people, you had to know we’d write one final Sean Spicier piece since it’s the end of 2019 … and the DECADE. Crazy, right? What’s even crazier is how long Sean Spicier has been fooling the Lefty masses into thinking he’s really Sean Spicer, although to be fair, he has done basically everything he can to inform them otherwise. No blue check AND if you bother to read his bio he flat-out says, ‘I’m not him.’

Which is why this is still so damn funny.

From his tweets on Biden’s stutter to Warren to Democratic strongholds to his being called an ‘insensitive human being,’ his timeline is a treasure trove of Twitchery.

As usual.

Hope you laugh as much as we did reading through these gems:

There ya’ go. The Left’s favorite solution to a problem … a hashtag.

Wow, someone is very protective of Robert Deniro.


Yeah, Sean. Take THAT.

We can’t believe they still think he’s him.

Ok, that’s not true, we can totally believe they think he’s him. They’re such emotional little things.

The irony of someone telling a parody account they’re not the brightest tool in the shed …


True story.

Honest answer.

And we’re dead now.

Thanks, Sean.

The New Yorker never fails to disappoint.

Such a giver.

That’s right!

That ‘Obama’ line never gets old.

Them’s the rules, folks.

He was fun on DWTS.

And sorry but Hilary lost.

She lost big time.


Only a Democrat could literally tell people how to put blackface on and then receive praise from WaPo not even a year later.


Seriously, he did.

They try so hard.

SO hard.


Sean still drives them NUTS.

God bless America.



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