This tweet from Patriotic Vision’s CEO Mohamad Safa is bad enough all on its own …

Seriously. What sort of a-hole not only does this to his parents but then thinks to go on Twitter and brag about doing it? Welp, apparently Safa isn’t the actual a-hole who did this because oh by gosh by golly, it appears he stole this tweet from a smaller account who sent this almost word-for-word in 2018.

Huh. Wonder if Safa knows there’s this thing called a ‘retweet’ on Twitter where, if you like someone else’s tweet, you can actually share it and give them credit for writing it. Otherwise, that would make Safa nothing more than a tweet thief and maybe even a plagiarist.

This gets even funnier … when he was called out for stealing the tweet he claimed that he was under attack by RACISTS and begged people to retweet HIM and follow. When this editor pointed and laughed at his begging he deleted the tweet, but luckily screenshots are forever.

He will not give up so please retweet and then follow him on Twitter AND on Instagram.

What a schmuck …

— update —

He stole that tweet TOO:

This ain’t the first time he’s stolen a tweet from a smaller account, check out this incredible thread:

Dan. Rather.


Good LORD, has this guy ever written an original tweet?!

You know what? This is so bad … we got nothin’ else.




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