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'Inconvenient truth or two': Ron Coleman tweets powerful thread about Jews being at the mercy of a state that abhors them

After the horrific stabbings that took place at a Rabbi’s home during a Hanukkah celebration in Monsey, NY, Ron Coleman ‘penned’ a fairly powerful and saddening thread about why Jews are not necessarily able to do more to defend themselves in New York and New Jersey.


Definitely worth a moment of your time to read.

Not great.

At all.

This. ^

You’re not allowed to defend yourself if you’re politically incorrect.

And sadly, what we’re seeing more and more of in New York is that orthodox Jews are considered politically incorrect. Scary stuff.


Not easy to arm yourself in a state that would rather arrest you for owning a firearm than allow you to defend yourself.

They represent an inconvenient truth … or two.

Unless they can pretend the anti-Semitism is coming from Trump and his supporters, our good, tolerant friends on the Left aren’t all that interested in calling it out.

Easy to push a narrative when you know your pals in the media will do their part to make sure it ‘sticks’.


Sadly, we’re not holding our breath on this one.



After claiming NYPD shouldn’t do more to protect Jews, far-Left journo David Klion claims he’s the REAL victim of Monsey stabbings

‘Is this a JOKE?!’ Andrew Cuomo’s statement on stabbing in Rabbi’s Monsey home during Hanukkah celebration goes SO wrong

AG Letitia James called OUT for do-nothing tweet after 5 people stabbed during Hanukkah celebration in Monsey, NY

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