Right now David Klion, the far-Left journo, and editor of Jewish Currents, is doing his best to play the victim after a machete-wielding maniac broke into a Rabbi’s home in Monsey, NY, stabbing five innocent Jews during a Hanukkah celebration. See, people are calling him out for saying the police shouldn’t do more to protect Jews in NY … just days before another anti-Semitic attack … and that’s not fair and stuff.

Those big, mean, right-wing accounts.

Poor David.

He feels sick, guys.

Sort of like how AG Letitia James is ‘deeply concerned,‘ and how Governor Cuomo is ‘horrified.’

They all feel SO MUCH, so we shouldn’t call them out over the alarming rise in anti-Semitism in New York. Nope.


THERE it is.


David pushing the Charlottesville LIE to defend his a*s … that tells you how absolutely useless and pathetic his argument really is.

Seth Mandel, such a monster.

Did he really think this was a good argument?

Truth hurts.


David is not having the best time of it on Twitter. What’s that old saying? ‘Let my words be soft and tender like cooked vegetables because someday I may have to eat them.’ Something like that.

Keep digging indeed.



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