Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes had to admit Devin Nunes was right to be concerned about the FISA process … you know this probably ‘hurt’ him to write.


He still seems awfully cranky that Nunes is feeling somewhat vindicated after spending so much time being trashed and laughed at about his concerns. How dare he?! Doesn’t Nunes know ORANGE MAN BAD?!

The nerve.

True story.

Many, many, many people in politics and in the media owe Nunes an apology, and we’re not seeing them go out of their way to extend him one. So that Wittes wrote even this much about how he was too dismissive is somewhat significant.

That’s how it came off to us as well.


We FORGOT about his nickname. Thinking it came from Mollie Hemingway …

Hilarious, right?

And not hilarious ‘haha,’ more hilarious ‘pathetic.’




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