When will people of zero or limited faith figure out that making fun of others for their faith is really super boring and says far more about how empty, sad, and angry they are than it does about the religion they’re mocking? Oh wow, it’s so original to trash Catholicism on Christmas Day …

Super edgy.

Super original.

Or not.

SungWon Cho (we’ve never heard of him either) shared some ‘thoughts’ on the Catholic mass he attended:

Or whatever.

He continued.

Don’t worry, Cho is really just a troll.

He admitted as much.

Because it’s so much fun to insult people and their faith.

This was absolutely a jab at religion.

But whatever helps Cho sleep better at night.

We’re not seeing anyone telling Cho he’s going to Hell for his tweets. Perhaps this is all in his little head so he can feel like he succeeded in trolling Catholics. Honestly, we see some angry people but most of them just seem to feel sorry for him.

This was his takeaway from Christmas mass?

Better luck next year, kid.

Doing a #CrissCrossApplesauce for him.



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