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'WTG Dems'! Katie Pavlich makes VA Dems look even WORSE for infringing on the #Second with story out of Northern VA


This story out of northern Virginia is a scary one …


You guys know Virginia … the state that’s working to take guns from law-abiding citizens to support some convoluted and ridiculous anti-gun narrative from the Left. It’s almost like taking away a person’s right to defend themself is a dangerous thing.

Who’da guessed?

Katie Pavlich, that’s who.

Makes TOTAL sense.


There was this fluke farming incident … yeah, that’s it.



They’re trying.

But it seems like many a Virginian thinks otherwise.

There is no greater equalizer.

Ohhhh, that’s right.

It is politicians we’re talking about here, fair point.

Silly Dems …



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