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Socialist Congressional hopeful Anthony Clark's ASCII art tweet blaming billionaires for poverty goes OH so very wrong

If we’ve learned one thing on Twitter it’s that you NEVER use ASCII art to try and make a point because it will only turn into a good deal of mockery and trolling … at your expense. Ok, that’s not entirely true. This is the second thing we’ve learned on Twitter, the first is that you never engage with AOC’s followers because you will automatically start dropping IQ points and might even drool a little down your chin.


But the ASCII art thing is a big one too.

Anthony Clark learned this the hard way.

Nothing says you’re a serious candidate like using ASCII art.

And we’re pretty sure his logic is … stupid.


Awww, the rainbow is a nice touch.

But we’re trying.


Mind blown.


Good times.

Oooh, unicorn. We want one!


But then we’d have no Democrats running and what fun would there be in that?



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