Do you guys remember seeing this tidbit from Fiona Hill’s testimony in the media? Because gosh, we don’t.

Fiona Hill herself testified the Steele dossier ‘very likely’ contained Russian disinformation.

Whoda thunk it? OH, THAT’S RIGHT, most of us.

Byron York pulled this from Margaret Hoover’s, Firing Line:

Schiff is lucky media largely ignored this …

Steele got played.

We know Schiff got played, more than once. Wonder if he’s gotten those naked pics of Trump yet?


What a maroon.

It was more important to the media that Trump ultimately be removed from office; let’s not pretend they were actually covering the Steele dossier to inform the masses. In a time when media were unbiased perhaps but now? Psh.

There’s your collusion.


It all seemed pretty damn silly but then again it’s Democrats and the media we’re talking about.

So … yeah.

We’re not holding our breath that any of these people will actually have any consequences for any of this.

And that will never get old.



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