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So very WRONG: Byron York mocks Yale prof for claiming McConnell has zero constitutional authority on impeachment trial

Starting to think we’ve heard just about ENOUGH from the ‘experts’ from fancy, schmancy universities about impeachment. Cue the Leftists claiming Conservatives are all uneducated hicks because we are tired of listening to bloviating, self-righteous professors telling us it’s ok for the House to act like Constitutionally unhinged rage-donkeys but McConnell somehow has zero power.


It’s so old.

Like this Timothy Snyder guy who wrote a whole thread about how McConnell has zero authority to decide the ‘shape of the impeachment trial’ in the Senate.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

Hurr derr.

We’ll spare you the entire thread (since it’s Christmas Eve and you guys have probably already had your fill of annoying blow-hards for the year) but we’ll sum it up by saying Pelosi GOOD, McConnell BAD.


You know that face you make when you take a sip of milk and you think it might be spoiled? Yup, just made that face.

Byron York must have made the same face:



Good to see Yale is bringing in the best of the best.




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Compilation of Laurence Tribe’s ‘greatest hits’ makes Nancy Pelosi look even MORE ridiculous taking HIS advice on impeachment

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