Journalists like John Harwood would be better off admitting they’re nothing more than activists at this point. Besides your hairy-legged, cat-hoarding neighbor who is positive Hillary Clinton won the presidential race in 2016 because the Electoral College is the racist patriarchy at work, do you know anyone who takes them the least bit seriously?

Any sane, normal person looking to read some actual news absolutely understands that journalists don’t constantly find ways to trash one political party no matter what they’re covering. These yahoos could be reporting on the sky being blue and they’d find a way to make Republicans the bad guys …

‘The sky USED to be a far more brilliant shade of blue before Mitch McConnell decided to hold the Senate HOSTAGE.’

We probably shouldn’t give them any ideas, since it’s all they really know how to do anymore.

Look at this nonsense.

Ironic how a member of the media, who are fundamentally broken, is calling the Republican Party fundamentally broken.

Brit Hume once again made an example out of Harwood as only he can.

‘This is precisely what reporters should not be doing.’

Ding ding ding.

Unfortunately, it’s all too real.

Hey, that’s what we said.


They sure like to think that’s the case.

‘What is this journalism thing you speak of?’ – most journalists, probably.

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