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Oh honey, NO: Blue-check 'national breaking news editor' defends Buzzfeed, claims Steele dossier truthful and factual

Sean Davis was good enough to remind us all how the Steele dossier really got its start.

Good ol’ Buzzfeed.


Hilarious (and not in a good way) that they haven’t retracted this story even NOW.

Imagine defending Buzzfeed.

Imagine defending the Steele dossier.

Fact check … really? REALLY?!

The only thing factual and/or truthful about the Steele dossier is the guy who wrote the thing is named Steele. The rest is a hodgepodge of gossip and second-hand nonsense that even Horowitz has said was basically a dumpster fire of stupid.





Instead she tweeted this.

Don’t make that face.

Ok, make that face … heh.

We see a whole lotta ratio on her tweet but not a lot of ‘MAGAts’.



She might want to fact-check her fact-check … just sain’.



There’s a TON: Will Chamberlain puts together thread of false statements from Schiff’s ‘FISA response memo’ and HOLY crap

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Take SOOO many seats, ‘Wing Man’: Katie Pavlich shreds Eric Holder over his ‘important (hit) piece’ on AG Barr

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