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HOO-BOY! Pete Buttigieg under SERIOUS fire from the Left for attending Wall Street fundraiser, #RefundPete trends

Uh-oh … seems there’s some trouble in ‘Pete Buttigieg Land’.

Ooooh, so Pete attended a Wall Street fundraiser in New York City and his supporters are now asking for their campaign donations back. It’s honestly surprising they’re surprised their ‘leaders’ take evil money from evil rich people … did they really think ol’ Pete and other Democrats were just sitting around getting checks from hairy-legged cat hoarders who believe cow farts are killing the planet?

Seriously, this is politics, folks.

Grow up.


Some of the largest checks, $10,000 each, came from leadership PACs affiliated with Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) both of which receive roughly half of their money from corporate PACs. Top Democrats, like Republicans, fund their leadership PACs partly from PACs representing powerful corporations. One-third of money going to Democratic leadership PACs comes from business PACs associated with corporations, trade associations and other business interests. Four out of the top five most generous corporate PACs to Democratic leadership PACs, Honeywell International ($179,000), Lockheed Martin ($137,000), General Dynamics ($122,000) and Northrop Grumman ($107,000), are major defense contractors.

Soooo … they all take big bucks from big donors.

We’re shocked.

Oh, wait.

Pete’s in trouble though.

We thought for sure folks would ask for a refund when Pete lied about his black supporters in South Carolina. Dude used stock images from KENYA …

But hey, if this is what it takes for them to eat their own, who are we to stop them?

#RefundPete is trending.

Good times.

Because Warren is super poor and never gets money from wealthy people.


He continued:

Maybe donate money based on their ideas and not their sexual persuasion? Just sayin’.


Admit it, you’re enjoying this is as much as we are.

Us too, Baby Yoda.

Us too.



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