Media are doing SOOOOO much spinning this week that it’s hard to keep track of what is really happening with the IG report and Horowitz’s testimony. They’re trying so hard to pretend the report somehow vindicated the FBI that the actual facts and information are getting sort of lost.

Which we don’t think is completely by accident; gotta do their part to help the Democrats out ya’ know.

Luckily, Carpe Donktum put together a thread we can all refer to when trying to read through the crazy that not only lays everything out pretty simply but also makes the FBI and Democrats look pretty damn bad.


Was anyone exonerated?

Absolutely not.

Womp womp.

Top brass being Comey? You know, the guy CNN keeps interviewing so he can pretend the report wasn’t totally damning.


Tell us another one.

It’s easy to see why media is spinning instead of reporting.


That is EXACTLY how it’s been happening, over and over again.



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