Welp … this seems problematic for Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler.

From TIME.com:

But in his first interview about those public hearings, Yermak has questioned the recollections of crucial witnesses in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s alleged abuse of his office for political gain.

“Listen, I want to tell you straight,” Yermak told TIME in the interview on Dec. 4, the first time he has openly discussed his views on the public impeachment hearings. “Of course, now, when I watch these shows on television, my name often comes up, and I see people there whom I recognize, whom I met and know,” he says, referring to the witness testimony. “That is their personal opinion, especially the positions they expressed while under oath. I have my own truth. I know what I know.”

That’s super inconvenient, eh Schiff and Nadler?

Sounds like Sondland is full of crap.

Can we say that?

Too bad if not, we just did.

Good luck with all this, Dems.

Yup, the media has definitely been doing their jobs.

Seriously, look at how desperate they are to believe this is somehow not true:

The mental gymnastics here are impressive.





They’ve got nothin’.

And with this they may have less than nothin’.



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