Many journos in conservative media have been writing/talking about the notion the FBI used the Steele Dossier to play the FISA court … and the IG report shows this was basically what they did.

These same journos took a good bit of mocking from people like CNN analyst, Asha Rangappa, who’s been doing a little cleaning house of her timeline since the report dropped.

Jason Beale from The Federalist kept receipts though:

Screenshat … that may be the funniest damn word we’ve seen on Twitter in quite a while.


When Beale got back from dinner he continued:


No wonder she’s cleaning house.

Wow. Tweets come and go but screenshots are forever.


What makes this so bad for Rangappa is how smug and nasty she was with people over this – she couldn’t just disagree, she had to put them down and pretend they were inferior and even stupid to disagree with her.

Not a great look.




PLEASE tell us she deleted this one.

From The Federalist:

As I previously expressed here, there are any number of perils to an intelligence officer or agency “falling in love with their source”—that is, allowing the consequence of the moment to override one’s professional and moral responsibility to accurately and dispassionately handle, assess, and ensure proper disposition of a problematic source, and of the information derived from that source. It never ends well.

The facts—according to the FISA application the FBI and DOJ presented—are that Steele lied to the FBI about his leaks to the press prior to the October 2016 FISA proceeding. The FBI was either unable or unwilling to apply their awesome investigative capabilities to either prove or disprove the lie.

It never ends well.

That’s what we said that he said.

In other words, CNN sure can pick ’em.



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