Thank God for Mollie Hemingway.


She somehow finds a way to take things like the IG report that typically come across like reading stereo instructions written backward in Pig Latin and makes them into something even we can understand. Hey, we are the first to admit there are so many moving pieces to all of these investigations that even we need some CliffsNotes.

Like this thread from Mollie.

But you know, it wasn’t political.

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It was a compromise. *eye roll*

Neglected to mention? You don’t say.

Flimsy is not the word we had in mind but it works.




But not the Trump campaign itself.

Lisa Page reassured us her texts were AOK though.

How the Hell can they say there was no bias then?


So … spying?



Ya’ don’t say.

We’re not seeing this bombshell in the media … wonder why.

More than a YEAR.

They were constrained. Color us shocked.


Wait, sorry, this is all too real.

Why were they kept hidden?

And there’s the DNC and wait for it … Hillary Clinton.

So many errors.

We guess they’d rather look stupid than biased.

Maybe the media read a different report?




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