If anyone actually believes this impeachment hearing is about a phone call between Trump and Ukraine we have a bridge to sell them.

Considering how long Democrats have been talking about impeaching Trump (since before he even took office!) someone would have to be a complete moron to think this isn’t a political, partisan, concerted attack on the president. They want him removed because he won … that’s it.

Well, that and they want to cover their own backsides but that’s a different story entirely.

Rep. Doug Collins called the whole circus out (like we knew he would).


Nadler was bragging about how he would be the perfect one to impeach Trump on a very public metro train in DC the day AFTER THE ELECTION.

This has never been about the Constitution or their oath or justice … nope.

It’s about 2016 and their inability to accept they picked the wrong horse in Clinton.

Included this just so you guys could see the look on Nadler’s face.

He’s not having the best day.



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