Sean Davis wasn’t just whistlin’ Dixie when he tweeted this about the media working to spin and distort the IG report. Considering the part the media played in pushing the Russian hoax we’re hardly surprised to see them out in full force claiming the report isn’t bad for the FBI.

Or them.

But if you really look at the report, there’s a lot more here than just the notion that the FBI made a bunch of mistakes because they’re too stupid to know how to do their jobs which is basically the spin – it wasn’t corruption, it was ignorance.

Sort of what like what they did with Hillary’s emails. She wasn’t hiding anything, she was just too dumb to know what she was doing was wrong.


It wasn’t political or anything though.

‘Magically appeared.’

That’s a nice way of saying the details were leaked …

Even though Brennan claimed otherwise (that’s another story).

Gosh, this seems political to us.


If we don’t laugh at this point we’ll never stop throwing up.

This is unreal.

But you know, the report exonerates these yahoos or something.



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