The IG report must be bad news for the Left because the media is already trying to get out in front of it claiming the report was about whether or not the FBI was allowed to investigate the Trump campaign.

This is BS.

Total BS.

So much BS in fact a large bull would walk past this amount of BS and say, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of BS.’

Kimberley Strassel isn’t having any of it:

Don’t lose focus.

No joke.

It’s easy to get distracted with the deliberate distractions.

Was it an abuse of power?

Not whether or not they had the right to do so, but if they abused that right to do so.

And we’re starting to think that answer is YES, yes they did.


That’s what has been the most disturbing point in all of this. Granted, that they would do this to a sitting president for political reasons is scary enough, but the fact they would do this to the most powerful man in the free world is terrifying. What’s to stop them from doing this to normal, everyday people?

We’re going to guess the answer would overwhelmingly be NO.

Sounds legit.



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