Ari Fleischer has one simple question for James Comey that we’re pretty sure he won’t be answering anytime soon.

Fair question considering the IG report detailed numerous errors that in some way impacted Page. They’re so busy pretending the report somehow vindicated the Bureau they’re not seeing the damage the report actually did to them in the eyes of the American people. Well, the American people who aren’t in a constant state of rage, frothing at the mouth and demanding Trump be impeached because he had two scoops of ice cream or may have had larger salt and pepper shakers than others at a dinner.

Don’t make that face, we’re not even making that up.

They’ve been trying to impeach the guy since he took office.

But of course.

Just because they didn’t find an email saying, ‘LET’S GET TRUMP,’ doesn’t mean the intent wasn’t there.

Comey thinks he’s a tree or something. Any minute now he’ll post some strange photo of himself with an obscure quote that will confuse the Hell out of everybody on Twitter.

We’re not.




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