The FBI would rather have Americans believe they just don’t know how to do their jobs rather than thinking they were politically biased against Trump. At least that’s how the IG report spin has appeared to this editor. No no no, they weren’t targeting Trump because of their political affiliation, they just made a ton of mistakes.

Oopsie, their bad.

And they seem to think this is some sort of exoneration when in reality it’s an even worse look than being biased. Julian Sachez explained this in a thread:

Vindication of the Bureau.

Comey seemed to think so.

If they can’t get something like THIS right what happens on smaller cases?

Scary stuff.


If that’s true, it wouldn’t necessarily mean the FBI acted improperly in obtaining that initial order. Sometimes intelligence agencies follow leads based on information from sources they assess to be reliable, and that information turns out to be wrong. We know, for example, that only a very tiny fraction of the “assessments” the FBI opens each year blossom into full-blown investigations, but it’s impossible to know how many of those full-blown investigations similarly come up empty. FISA orders, unlike criminal wiretap warrants, are designed to gather intelligence, and not intended to lead to criminal prosecution in most cases. Even when they do, the government is typically reluctant to introduce FISA intercepts in court if they can make a case with other evidence. That means there’s no good way to evaluate the success of intelligence investigations by looking at prosecution statistics. Moreover, the public statistics on FISA orders, do not distinguish between new orders and extensions, which means there’s no good way to even approximately gauge how commonly FISA wiretaps are abandoned as dead ends.

In other words, FBI has some splainin’ to do so they should probably stop with the whole victory lap.



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