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Let's hear it for Adam Schiff! #ImpeachmentBackfire should scare the CRAP out of Democrats (we TOLD them!)

Dear Adam Schiff (and heck, Jerry Nadler too),

We’re so grateful to you both for being so partisan and ridiculous that you’ve not only doubled but tripled down on this whole impeachment circus, annoying even people who are not fans of Trump. You’ve both done more damage to the Democratic Party than Trump and his campaign could ever have hoped for. Oh, and we should probably give a nod to Nancy Pelosi who made this all possible.


You guys rock.



Boy howdy, Democrats have really screwed up. Many of us actually tried to tell them being so desperate to impeach Trump would only hurt themselves … luckily they didn’t listen.

They never do.

That being said, the #ImpeachmentBackfire tag that’s trending in first place worldwide on Twitter as we write this article should scare the crap out of them.

Welp, the world is ending in less than 12 years anyway … might as well live it up.

This is not going well for the Democrats.

Ain’t it fun?



Is it our imagination or does Maxine Waters look like she smelled a fart?

YES WE ARE IMMATURE … but seriously.

Also note, Nancy Pelosi looks more and more surprised every time we see her.


Yeah, buddy.

It’s still there, but a bunch of Resistance types are claiming it’s only because Russian bots are pushing it.

They learned nothing from 2016.


As we said, thanks Dip Schiff!



Spoiler alert, she DIDN’T know: Undercover Huber dunks on CNN analyst Asha Rangappa and her ‘knowledge’ of FISA warrants

BAD timing for Dems : Top aide to Ukrainian President Zelensky says they never felt aid was tied to investigating Biden

Incredibly BAD for the FBI: Julian Sanchez’s thread explains why the FBI/FISA mistakes spin is far worse than political bias

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