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'He CHOSE to misinform': Kimberley Strassel's thread on key findings of IG Horowitz's report details how BAD this really was for Schiff

We’ve been reading a LOT of different opinions on the much-anticipated release of IG Horowitz’s report.

And you know what they say opinions are like …


Yeah. It’s been ridiculously bad between the media spinning this like some strange win for the FBI and Comey even taking a victory lap. All of this being said, if you want to be informed about what the report really says and what it really means this thread from Kimberley Strassel is for you.

In other words, Adam Schiff was and is full of Schiff.

You won’t see many in the media reporting on this lie because it casts even more doubt on the entire impeachment sham since he’s the bug-eyed face of the entire thing.


But yeah, he saw the same docs …

He chose to misinform us then and he’s choosing to misinform us NOW.


This is the FBI.

Imagine thinking it’s a win for the American public to think you’re just too stupid to do actually do your jobs.


Did not provide them.


Seeing a pattern here.

They did such a horrible job they need more oversight BUT you know, it wasn’t political.

If this editor rolled her eyes any further back in her head she’d be able to see Russia from her house.



They’re good at leaking.

Sorry for that visual.

And there’s Clinton’s name.

Even more intriguing is how many of them don’t actually know how to do their jobs.

Considering some of the texts we’ve seen we don’t really have to guess at what some of their motivations were.


Simply put, FBI played the court. And now it’s up to Barr and Durham to figure out why.



Media’s full of it? NO WAY! Mollie Hemingway’s #IGReport thread paints a very different picture from the MSM

‘Desperate to avoid ANY accountability’: Sean Davis debunks media #IGReport spin in receipt-filled thread

Not so FAST! Kimberley Strassel knocks Dems and media out in BRUTAL thread for trying to spin IG report (already!)

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