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TKO! Dana Loesch takes down HORDE of angry and stupid (including Charlotte Clymer and Andy Richter) in gun debate

Charlotte Clymer was front and center exploiting the Pensacola Naval Air Station shooting for her gun-grabbing agenda. Bodies hadn’t even cooled and they were out in full force this morning blaming the NRA and demanding we add MORE gun laws … blah blah blah.


Limiting accessibility to guns for legal gun owners does nothing to stop ‘bad people from having access to guns,’ sweetie.

Dana Loesch was good enough to correct Clymer:

So there’s already a directive limiting guns … and apparently it didn’t stop the shooting.


Maybe Clymer should Google this, just sayin’.


Thanks for that, Bubba. That’s really workin’.

And here come the petty insults because ‘Charlotte’ can’t defend her argument.



Wow. Really?


So tough.

Nothing changes minds like calling people ‘sweetie’.

Good taste? Huh?

Awww, see? Dana is a giver.


Sweetie again.

Somebody’s maaaaaad.

But we thought Charlotte couldn’t be sexist now …

She’s clearly lost the argument.

HOOboy. Charles, dude, Google it.

Wait, our bad.

Charlotte, Google it.

If only these gun-grabbers knew anything at all about the laws already on the books …


And enter Andy Richter for some reason:

You gotta wonder if Conan sees these tweets and just shakes his head.

Again, Google is your friend, folks.


There are literally thousands and thousands of laws, Andy.

The answer is none.

Because criminals don’t care about the damn law.

Notice, Andy has ZERO answer.


Annnd he learned nothing.

Color us shocked.

Suppose we should just be glad he wasn’t being a petty sexist like ol’ Charlotte up there.

Although if Dana had called Andy ‘sweetie’ that would’ve been pretty damn funny.



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