If Democrats FINALLY have the goods on Trump with the whole Ukraine thing, why are they pivoting back to Russia? Byron York wrote a fairly exceptional piece (as he often does) on the problems and issues they’re actually facing trying to push this impeachment with the American people.

Seems most of us aren’t exactly buying it.

Who knew?

From the Washington Examiner:

How to interpret what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders say about impeachment?

Perhaps this way: They are always looking for a new and better way to sell the product. Remember that they spent more than two years accusing President Trump of conspiring with Russia to fix the 2016 election, of being a tool of Vladimir Putin, of being a Russian asset. Then, in September, they turned on a dime to Ukraine.

They accused Trump of denying Ukraine “desperately needed,” “critical” aid as a way of getting dirt on a political opponent. They said he was guilty of a quid pro quo, then extortion, and then, after conducting a focus group to find a charge that would have the greatest impact, they accused him of bribery.

Now, after three months of focusing like a laser beam on Ukraine, they have returned to … Russia.

These are the same people who held focus groups to determine which ‘Trump crime’ would resonate with their silly base.

But you know, it’s all about their oath and stuff.

Because they got NOTHIN’.

We’ve said it once we’ve said it an eleventy-billion times – they’d be better off admitting they just can’t deal with the fact that Trump beat them. And they’re scared he’ll do it again in 2020.


Thinking this is called, ‘grasping at straws’.

Totally a coincidence.

Remember when Romney said Russia was our greatest concern and Obama and the Democrats mocked TF out of him?

Good times.

And that didn’t sell well either otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to push Ukraine.

Told ya’, they’re in big trouble here.

Good luck with that, Dems.



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